Fix Application Damaged in MacOS Sierra

Today, I updated my workmate into MacOS Sierra which is have more beautiful look than before. After I installed few applications, I've got some problem when installing my personal application which have not identified which verified developer key. Like the last version, I need to change Application Install permission at System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. And I found that the third option, Allow app downloaded from Anywhere is missing.

MacOS sierra security general

Okay, now I can only installing app from App Store and Identified Developer which make my personal app to handle several script for automation cannot run. After doing some googling, I found that we can force choosing that option from terminal. Here is the command.

~$ sudo spctl --master-disable

Now, you can see third option, Allow App from Anywhere, is available in Security & Privacy.

MacOS Sierra security general off

If you just want to allow app only from app store and Identified Developer, just type this command:

~$ sudo spctl --master-disable

Happy Research!

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